Condimont has a fast, effective and reliable method to detect oil level, fuel or water within storage or ballast tanks of submerged vessels.

Insight is better than instinct

Condimont’s unique wreck removal and salvage technology provides a fast, reliable method to detect oil, fuel or water levels within ballast tanks and submerged vessels. Our live data feed and analysis allows pollution management control and environmental impact decision making, which saves time on removal procedures.

Predicting the amount of remaining fuel or water in sunken vessels is essential prior to recovery. It allows you to formulate the best recovery plan, and avoids environmental incidents. Our technology can be used in a range of scenarios, including fuel quantification in unforeseen accidents, or for the assessment of remaining fuel in sunken vessels.

There are thousands of sunken ships with disintegrating hulls that could lead to catastrophic and unpredictable pollution. Our Subsea Neutron Backscatter service measures the quantity and location of fuel or oil, allowing an appropriate remedial or removal exercise to be determined.

Our subsea operations provide comprehensive solutions for your exact requirements. We cover everything from flow assuranceasset integrity and pipeline commissioning and decommissioning.