Our online studies identify operational problems in ammonia converters.

Insight is foresight

Our tracer studies can identify operational problems within ammonia convertors whilst they are online, providing better information to aid shutdown and maintenance planning. It will help you discover leaks or bypass even in complex designs.

A series of tracer tests can troubleshoot the different processing loops of ammonia synthesis and converter lines, locating any inefficiencies within the system.

CONDIMONT Diagnostics Leak Studies

CONDIMONT Diagnostics Leak studies are invaluable to identify potential areas or locations of leakage within an ammonia synthesis processing loop, converter, quench lines, or feed/effluent heat exchangers. It provides real-time data, and reduces unplanned downtime, by eliminating the need for the equipment to be offline, or the unit to be shut down while searching for a potential leak. 


A CONDIMONT Diagnostics Leak study uses a range of vapor-tracing technologies, enabling it to isolate leaks within the converter or external feed/effluent heat exchangers. This technology has proven to help our customers solve critical operating and maintenance problems.

The benefits of using CONDIMONT Diagnostics

A few of the insights include leak confirmation, leaks that bypass only one bed in complex bed designs, and residence time through the vessel. These provide the data required to make the right decisions when planning repairs or improvements to unit productivity.

Making the right call under pressure can be difficult, so utilise the available technologies from CONDIMONT . Our diagnostic systems provide monitoring for desalters, separators and packed bed towers.