CONDIMONT technologies provide cost-effective methods to monitor liquid distribution in packed bed towers, allowing customer to collect vital online.

Actionable and cost-effective monitoring solutions

CONDIMONT scanner and Pack viewer

Our technologies provide actionable and cost-effective monitoring methods for gas conditioning systems. CONDIMONT scanner and Pack viewer analysis is used to evaluate the quality of liquid phase distribution and verify the placement of packed bed towers and distributors. It can also help to diagnose problems such as fouled or crushed packing, overflowing distributor sector trays, flooding and foaming. Our scanner results determine process issues that might be easily remedied by a change in operating procedures, or confirm the position or operating condition of packed beds and other major internals. This allows any necessary repairs in advance, minimizing downtime, emergency expenditures and lost production.

CONDIMONT Flow Scanning

CONDIMONT Flow Scanning Technology is the next step to investigate liquid maldistribution. It provides additional insights when different phases are poorly distributed, or solid build-up has occurred. Performed at a single elevation, CONDIMONT Flow Scanning is a 360° scan that produces a detailed contour map of the liquid distribution, and helps identify a more complicated problem that may be proving difficult to identify using other techniques.

CONDIMONT Diagnostics Distribution study

A CONDIMONT Diagnostics Distribution study is typically used for determining potential carry-over/carry-under or maldistribution of liquid or vapor, but the density change is so small that it cannot be detected by a CONDIMONT Scanner , Pack Viewer and Flow Scanning . Study results allow flow dynamics to be determined, including cross-sectional distribution and velocity.

Our range of diagnostic technologies can help you to target any operational issues quickly and efficiently, in separators and piping/flare systems.