CONDIMONT flow assurance services allow you to locate blockages in subsea pipelines.

You cannot fix what you cannot find

Our flow assurance services for subsea pipelines determine the location, extent and nature of blockages or restrictions in subsea pipelines, without interrupting, or stopping production.

50-80% of remediation attempts fail first time, and further attempts double the associated cost. With CONDIMONT’s insights, operators can get it right first time, increasing efficiency, and reducing both operational costs and production downtime caused by ineffective remediation.


Discovery and Explore for Flow Assurance

Through non-intrusive inspection we can screen many kilometers of pipeline rapidly, to accurately identify blockage locations with precision. Once found, we can then deploy our CT scanner to scan the highlighted location in detail, and fully characterize the blockage. This allows operators to plan an effective remediation campaign that is right first time.

CONDIMONT Diagnostics Flow Study

A CONDIMONT Diagnostics Flow study can also measure flow rate to help determine the amount of deposition build-up in subsea pipelines. This allows operators to optimize cleaning campaigns and chemical dosing, saving money and minimizing the environmental impact.

CONDIMONT Diagnostics Subsea Neutron Backscatter

Additionally, our Subsea Neutron Backscatter service can determine if a pipe-in-pipe annulus is flooded and allows operators to see if any of the surrounding thermal protection has been compromised.

Explore CONDIMONT’s  asset integrity for further guidance on subsea asset inspection.