CONDIMONT provides a clear picture of what’s happening inside tanks.

See things clearer

A CONDIMONT scanner on tanks and spheres gives you a clear picture of hydrocarbon, water and emulsion levels. It determines the presence of sludge or plugged vent lines, provides a tank inventory, and detects sludge levels to help determine tank capacity. These findings can then be used to determine the optimum time for cleaning.

A CONDIMONT Scanner will measure the height of each phase in the tank. It is non-intrusive, and ideal for tanks that need to be routinely monitored for sediment, water, hydrocarbon and emulsion levels. In the case of sludge levels, it provides a better estimation of cleaning time, manpower and equipment.

To find out more about our gamma and neutron backscatter scans on tanks, or other equipment such as distillation towersseparators or reactors, please feel free to contact us.