CONDIMONT technology takes you straight to leaks detected in heat exchangers whilst remaining online.

You cannot fix what you cannot find

If you are seeing evidence of a leak, CONDIMONT can isolate the culpable exchanger from a ‘bank’ or group of exchangers. We’ve been at the forefront of online heat exchanger leak detection and we can detect leaks as low as 10 ppb with our unique chemical tracers.

CONDIMONT’s specialized chemical and isotope tracers are used for detecting leaks in heat exchangers, no matter how small the potential leak. This allows you to capture real-time data without the need for a unit shutdown.

CONDIMONT technology is often used as a routine maintenance technique to detect popcorn polymer formations in exchangers. These growths can ultimately lead to leaks, push apart flanges, rupture lines and even pop the heads off exchangers. Implementing a routine maintenance program could help prevent potential environmental or safety incidents.

When a leak is detected in a specific exchanger, CONDIMONT provides leak studies while the exchanger is offline to identify which outlet is leaking. All leaking tubes are identified and given a comparative leak size by noting the approximate amount of within each leaking tube in parts per million.

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