Piping/flare systems

Condimont technology lets you ‘see inside’ piping and flare systems in real time. Fast, accurate and cost-effective, Condimont technology helps to determine the flow of vapor, liquid carry-over, sludge build-up, and the amount of fouling materials in piping/flare systems.


Our technology helps identify operational inefficiencies to improve Desalter performance.

Ammonia converters

Our online studies identify operational problems in ammonia converters.

Trayed towers

Condimont technologies deliver actionable data to optimize trayed tower performance

Tanks and spheres

Condimont provides a clear picture of what’s happening inside tanks.


Condimont helps you improve the efficiency of reactors.

HF/SF alkylation

Condimont provides a real-time picture of what’s happening in alkylation vessels.

Packed bed towers

Condimont provide cost-effective methods to identify and understand issues within packed bed towers.

Heat exchangers

Condimont technology takes you straight to leaks detected in heat exchangers whilst remaining online.

FCCU assets

Condimont lets you see inside your FCCU and make critical operational decisions.


Condimont technology gives you the inside information on separator vessels.